Why choose Bugbytez for your hosting needs?

We believe in the power of small business and the comfort of domestic technical support.  We aren’t a huge corporation that only cares about you as a number in a chart showing churn.  We value every single one of our customers, no matter if you are hosting a single site or if we are managing a dedicated server for you.  We never outsource service or support!  You know whom you are dealing with, and can rest easy in the fact that all of our operation is based in the United States.

Secure, safe, and affordable hosting.

In today’s internet environment, website security is critical in combating the numerous online threats that emerge daily. From worms and shells to rootkits and other exploits, there is an increasing demand from webmasters and site owners alike for security oriented webhosting services to protect their content, their hard work, and their livelihood from hackers and scammers  that wish to destroy everything they have done.

This is why we founded BugBytez, the web hosting company that specializes in security. We have a highly trained Unix Administrative staff, with experienced Dev Ops and Security Engineers.

Proven expertise by long time industry professionals.


With over 38  years in internet hosting and web security, the professionals at BugBytez offer fast and reliable website hosting services, site cleanings, and web presence consulting, with numerous additional security features most hosts do not offer. Just want your website cleaned to take back to your current host? No problem! BugBytez offers a professional cleaning service to get you back online in no time at all! Want to host with us for a bit while we clean your site and get things fixed? We can do that! We can fix your site if it was damaged by malware, and even help recover old backups. We’ll do what we can to fix your site and get it operating just like before. Want to ditch your current host and come onboard with BugBytez? Great! We offer great benefits, including FREE cleanings of your account, backups, investigative/forensic services, email, and much, much more. We also offer live monitoring, premium support, and malware prevention.

We offer in depth services that most hosting providers don’t offer. Consider us a hybrid that offers the best of both, hosting and security services. With the most current security practices, tools and methods available, expert experience with WordPress and Joomla, and most other CMS systems, as well as an in depth understanding of PERL and Python, BugBytez has everything you need to get rid of the plagues on your site so you can get back to business. We can even help you get delisted on Internet mail blacklists and offer tips on how to stay there.


Webhosting for any enterprise!

We utilize the popular CPanel hosting control panel, coupled with the great Softaculous installer, to make managing your site hosting as easy and painless as possible.

Security tailored for your needs!

Have a site or account that needs cleaning that doesn’t fall within our parameters? BugBytez can work with you and offer a custom quote for large accounts, multiple compromised accounts, reseller accounts and much more. We can help secure your outdated scripts, plugins and themes, and may even be able to help determine the cause of why how were compromised! BugBytez offers total security solutions for every website size at an affordable, competitive price, as well as script installation for all of your hosting needs.

In depth malware removal.

BugBytez professionals have years of experience in web security, both decoding and removing malicious content. We’ve seen everything there is to be seen on the internet and can help remove or repair:

  • PHP shells
  • Phishing
  • Blackhat SEO files
  • Injected files
  • Database damage
  • Much, much more!

Want more information? Contact us today for more details and a custom quote to find out what the BugBytez professional team can do for you! Our team of malware experts is standing by to help get your site cleaned and help you get back online. There’s no compromise that we can’t handle, and our top priority is keeping you safe and online. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a quote or more details!